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A hunch is an inkling, a possibility, a sneaking suspicion about the future. It’s that thought you’ve been turning over in your head that just might mean you’re onto something. We don’t often share our hunches, but when we do, amazing things can happen!

At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we have a hunch your hunch can help build a Culture of Health. We hope you’ll share it with us.

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I have a feeling that... sharing a hunch is the ultimate inclusion tool - allowing everyone to participate in all the conversations.

Carol Glanville

I wonder if... we can simulate time passing at different rates


I wonder if... There have been more falls in subway stations as people wearing masks descend stairs?

Lori M

I wonder if... one day we will come to realize that social movements are often the best treatment for many of our collective ills

Miraj D

I wonder if... People who run while talking are better at breathing through their noses while exercising

Lori M

I'm noticing that... people are hesitant to follow recommendations due to confusing messages. All leaders, no politicians, should speak loud and clear a message of lessons learned from previous pandemics: Physical Distance, Hands Hygiene, and Face Masks always.

Wendy Matos

I wonder if... There is a secret dataset that contains information derived from the blood of people who got married before 1980?

Anjali G

I wonder if... there's a fear that asking clinical trial patients how they are feeling (over apps) will over-report adverse events. Is there anyone who has experienced this?

Tom Julian

I wonder if... Mice didn’t come into our homes would we think they were as cute as bunnies?

Lori m

I'm noticing that... there are so many remakes of books and movies. Are we losing creativity?

Trista Harris

I'm noticing that... Rabbits are moving really slowly these days when approached by humans.

Lori M

I wonder if... New workplace hybrid work policies can promote equity in social capital-within organizations. Some people have more friends than others do which helps them get stuff done. Though the answer is probably: don’t help your friends at work.

Lori M

I wonder if... the USA has the worst heath outcomes of high-income countries because of state transportation agencies and local zoning boards. Public health will never overcome the chronic disease externalities of car-centric sprawl and exclusionary zoning.

Michael R

I wonder if... Students (high school and/or college) were matched up With seniors (elderly) to assist/teach technology to use for health-related needs (telehealth appt, setting up a wearable device, troubleshooting an issue etc) - if that would close the tech gap

Lauren Kremenova

I wonder if... foundations will continue giving more general support dollars after the pandemic.


I wonder if... would a community/health and wellness center for youth compile with what Pioneering Ideas Staff is seeking for their grant/idea requirement?

Eugene Pough

I'm noticing that... people i work with that are approaching retirement (who "see the light at the end of the tunnel") are shifting their mindsets about dift ways - giving opportunities to others who might need them for career development OR taking new risks!

Lori M

I'm noticing that... I'm nervous driving on Route 1. I've worked in the Princeton area for 35+ years. I learned to be an aggressive driver and I feel like I've lost that. I can't possibly be alone. Are we going to see more fender benders when we go back to work?


I wonder if... teaching a program of positive humor usage to correctional officers would reduce stress and improve communication with peers and inmates

Chrisian Hageseth III, MD

I wonder if... or what role philanthropy can collectively play in solving major global issues of our time -- eradicating polio, addressing the environmental crisis, addressing the pandemic and its trail of destruction...


I wonder if... foundations will learn from their past mistakes in funding during the 60s? Will they support grassroots social movements... without co-opting the power of those social movements?


I have a feeling that... our understanding of black-led giving will increase.


I'm noticing that... Foundations give up power, spend down wealth, and stop being the center. They build wealth in marginalized communities so that wealth grows and becomes part of the larger power structure and continues to increase distribution of wealth and liberation

Deanna Rolffs

I wonder if... the sector will embrace true change to the power structures that made philanthropists necessary.


I have a feeling that... the Spend Down movement will gain traction.


I have a feeling that... At some point, foundations will begin investing in crypto-currency long after the boom period is over and miss out on a lot of gains that could fund really good work.

Aaron Turner

I wonder if... we will ever live in a world where philanthropy does not have to be a safety net.


I wonder if... political donations / non-tax-deductible c4 donations will increase given the extremism in politics these days.


I have a hunch that... younger UHNW donors will aim to "give while living" whereas we see the Boomer generation giving more towards the end of their lives / at their passing.


I have a feeling that... foundations will continue to adjust their practices after the positive experience of more flexible giving this past year.


I have a hunch that... there will be a strong move to "lighten" requirements for grants which won't shift practice or investments (it won't work to provide enhanced access to funding by BIPOCs).


I wonder if... spend down foundations will become the norm.


I'm noticing that... we keep retelling the story of white philanthropy/wealth as a way to understand how to fix philanthropy instead of looking to the BIPOC orgs who over time have naturally been solving these problems.


I have a feeling that... philanthropy will not move as quickly as necessary especially in regards to racial equity and social justice.


I'm noticing that... as the pandemic winds down, organizations are looking thirsty for stability and certainty and the easiest way for them to do that is to go back to what they've always done rather than embracing what we've learned from the pandemic.


I wonder if... Billionaires will ever require foundations and such to multi-year funding for systems level work. Not surface level "feel good" work.

Aaron Turner

I wonder if... philanthropy would need to exist if there were a wealth ceiling and governments taxed people appropriately, eliminating income inequities leading to a need for philanthropy.


I wonder if... the wealthy will redesign their giving vehicles to really give impacted communities more control over resources. I also wonder what that would look like!


I wonder if... we will see a significant increase in CEOs of color by 2040.


I wonder if... 'big bet philanthropy' will continue to be a trend in the sector, and if so if it will be done responsibly to (at a bare minimum) mitigate negative impacts on historically oppressed communities


I have a hunch that... trust-based philanthropy will become the standard.


I have a hunch that... Philanthropy will continue to perpetuate more of the same. Good, bad, or indifferent, the overall system of Philanthropy will need a major shake up in order to change.

Aaron Turner

I'm noticing that... more and more boards understand they have to be more effective and that to do that, they require different composition and culture.


I'm noticing that... Bren Smith is figuring out how to farm the ocean for the future, AND Maine is experiencing unprecedented "brain drain" as kids leave for college and don't return. Can ocean farms be a solution to keeping (young) people in/ attracting them to Maine?

Kristin Silvani

I wonder if... how people consume the majority of their meals has a correlation to their health? (chopsticks, fork, spoon, hands)


I wonder if... local or state governments will give ratings (which are required to be prominently posted) to day care facilities like they do for NYC restaurants, so parents will know whether they're getting the quality they think they are/what they're paying for.


I wonder if... Lawyers - trained to detect patterns -- make good futurists

Lori M

I'm noticing that... A lot of people are donating their hair

Lori M

I wonder if... flavored seltzer is reducing soda consumption?


I have a hunch that... wealth transfer from baby boomers to millenials is a huge untapped opportunity


I wonder if... the trend in American society of placing primacy on stories and amplifying the voice of individuals will make the practice of evaluation a much more subjective endeavor.

Clark M

I wonder if... there will be a return to focus on the impacts of class versus those of race

Clark M

I wonder if... corporate funders will fulfill their loud, public commitments to funding racial equity?


I have a feeling that... it's becoming more acceptable for foundations to endorse general operating support grantmaking

Lori N

I have a feeling that... knowledge management and knowledge sharing will be a key part of our practice.


I'm noticing that... there are less reporting for grants.


I'm noticing that... funders are finally considering how their internal processes may be impacting grantees and the power implications

Lori N

I wonder if... large international NGOs and cooperation agencies will make a shift to Trust-Based Philathropy


I have a hunch that... the perpetual foundation will become a rare form.

Clark M

I have a feeling that... the pandemic and remote work made many of us in philanthropy realize even more just how important it is to listen to our grantees and hear what THEY need from us. It forced us to show up in ways we weren't able to before. Let's keep it going!

Liza Y

I have a hunch that... most foundations will get to 100% mission and program related invested


I wonder if... climate change will increasingly dominate all of the issues that we care about


I have a feeling that... next generation philanthropists will look more towards starting "social impact businesses" than grantmaking foundations.

Jeremy Gregg

I have a hunch that... I'm missing of information and context during the pandemic with the loss of informal interactions.


I have a hunch that... there will be a backlash against too much advocacy by foundations - even when it is for causes that folks agree on.


I'm noticing that... more foundations are committing to diversifying boards.


I have a feeling that... we will be talking more and more about how philanthropy uses its investments and assets, not just its grantmaking dollars.


I wonder if... philanthropy will unify as a sector and take a leadership role in advocating for systems change (rather than rely on on-the-ground nonprofits to address their specific issues, without a real, collective influence).

Jenn Killian

I have a hunch that... more funders will support efforts that strengthen democracy and civil society regardless of 'type' of funder.

I'm noticing that... corporations are more willing to be open about anti-racism efforts in 2020 and 2021. I hope that this continues!

Kelsey Midthun

I'm noticing that... some institutions are already getting tired of discussing "racial equity"


I wonder if... shorter applications will be used after the pandemic.


I'm noticing that... while there is more talk about democratizing philanthropy, there's a widening divide between small amount giving (often based on an emotional appeal) and large foundation giving (systems change, analytic, thinking always of maximizing impact).


I wonder if... Artificial intelligence will replace program officers for data driven foundations?


I wonder if... the federal funding soon to be available will bring about positive change.

Amy Kerwin

I have a hunch that... hormone replacement therapy will become increasingly important in health care


I wonder if... the changes made in response to the pandemic and racial uprising will stay or revert back


I wonder if... the way we talk about workforce development and wealth creation in BIPOC communities can ever lead to liberation if it's based on capitalism.


I wonder if... requiring 'proximity to communities we serve' (i.e., beyond grantees) for all staff will widen our lens and help us craft and support better solutions to complex and multi-sector issues.


I have a feeling that... cross-racial organizing and movement building is what we need more of.

Fatima Angeles

I have a feeling that... COVID will prove to be the great disruptor we've been searching for.


I have a feeling that... the changes to grantmaking made in response to the triple pandemics of 2020 will not become the norm unless funders are proactive (funders will drift back to how things used to be)


I wonder if... the incredible shift in lifting up leaders of color as well as trust based philanthropy will endure


I wonder if... a decrease in reporting requirements from grantees to grantors will be a lasting change post-pandemic. How can that be a lasting change once life is not so dominated by a pandemic-run life, workplace, etc.


I'm noticing that... more of my colleagues of color including myself are looking to create their own spaces and businesses that fully address the needs of community and elevate the voices that are usually left out of conversations all together.

Art Garcia

I'm noticing that... there has been a lot of transition/turnover in roles in philanthropy the past year.


I have a feeling that... people are so burned out from responding to the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic (in their professional lives and personal lives) that it will not be easy to create/expand on new ways of doing business in the immediate future.


I have a feeling that... Gen 2/3/4+ will lead their family's foundations in remarkably different directions than their forebears.

Jeremy Gregg

I have a feeling that... if member orgs/affinity groups collaborate more our sector will be stronger!


I have a feeling that... trust based philanthropy will be a trend.

Jeanne Cragin

I'm noticing that... as a result of the pandemic funders are streamlining or doing away with their former reporting practices.

Jeanne Cragin

I wonder if... the stigma around hearing aids is due to fear of aging. People don't have the same stigma for wearing glasses...but both are just a slight loss of one of our senses.

Kelsey Midthun

I have a feeling that... if we don't institutionalize change now in our policies and how we do business that we'll lose momentum as distance in time from traumatic events grows.


I wonder if... more funders will eventually become more open minded to thinking about results and impact in more expansive ways and simplifying requirements for their funding.

Liza Y.

I'm noticing that... there's an incredible shift in lifting up leaders of color as well as trust based philanthropy


I have a feeling that... there will be opportunities for philanthropy to partner with commercial real estate brokers and urban growers in the near future to repurpose empty office buildings

Karen Guile

I wonder if... white long-tenured leadership will start to leave their positions in order to allow for more representative leadership.


I'm noticing that... foundation board members are more open to general support and ceding grantmaking power to regranting organizations

Greg Horner

I have a hunch that... in the future, many foundations will move towards sunsetting/spend down to fully invest their resources in the communities/causes they care about.


I wonder if... mutuality (benefits for both donors and beneficiaries) is at the heart of philanthropy


I have a feeling that... funders will have an increased willingness to fund in new and creative ways.

Aaron S.

I have a feeling that... organized philanthropy will become less relevant as go fund me and other platforms grow


I wonder if... the field of organized philanthropy will come up with a standard way of 'quantifying the qualitative' and then end up with composite ratings for how well organizations are doing, sort of like financial investment ratings.


I'm noticing that... funders in the Southern U.S. are not as interested in systemic change as their counterparts on the coasts.

Jeremy Gregg

I'm noticing that... more foundations in supporting public policy work and advocacy efforts.

Jeremy Gregg

I'm noticing that... Most in the philanthropic sector are not taking the risk of biosphere and civilization collapse seriously enough. The breadth and the depth of this cluster of problems either are not known, simply brushed aside, or psychologically painful.

Gurpreet Singh

I have a feeling that... there will be even more use of DAFs by individual donors


I'm noticing that... people are becoming aware of how trust starts from within their own organization.


I'm noticing that... many nonprofits have found effective and efficient ways to deliver services to people in need virtually. Perhaps a physical space is not always needed.


I wonder if... private foundations will dedicate more of their $1 trillion in assets to impact investing?

Jeremy Gregg

I wonder if... how white funders really are thinking about giving up power re funding black led organizations


I wonder if... this massive influx of funding for COVID response and recovery will lead to real change in systems, or will just be a bandaid that will dissolve by the time the next pandemic comes around.


I have a hunch that... DAF's will be required to payout at least 5% per year, like foundations.

Greg H

I'm noticing that... funders are more likely to work together to respond to crises and increase impact.

Aaron S.

I'm noticing that... more family foundations are using participatory grantmaking or adding non-family members to their boards.

Trista Harris

I'm noticing that... more corporate foundation are using a racial equity lens for their grantmaking.


I'm noticing that... more foundations are eliminating or shortening their reporting requirements


I wonder if... philanthropy will keep the shorter applications that they have used in the pandemic.


I'm noticing that... that there are very different opinions within my organization about how “extractive” funders should be.

Lori M.

I wonder if... there will be as much turnover in Philanthropy as is predicted in other industries when COVID work from home policies expire

Lori M

I'm noticing that... bubbles in the market and of individual companies seem to be happening more frequently.


I'm noticing that... in news coverage around portrayals of hunger; food security; etc. that role of government has taken on a much more significant place. In other words, government accountability and government driven solutions appear more then ever before. . .

Jamie Bussel

I wonder about.. the relationship between polyamory and health equity and the experiences of polyamorous people with our healthcare system.


I have a feeling that... breakups are harder these days because you risk constantly (or occasionally) seeing pictures of your ex with someone new on social media.


I wonder if... the university research model will learn any lessons from the struggles Kati Kariko faced in supporting her research on mRNA vaccines.

Holly FL

I'm noticing that... my children are much more attuned to harmful stereotypes than I was at their age.

Holly FL

I wonder if... philanthropy will keep these shorter applications that they have used during the pandemic.


I wonder if... The development of infants and toddlers will be impacted in a negative way when they interact with people wearing masks (speech, facial recognition skills, etc)?


I wonder if... the current generation of kids who grew up confronting the possibility of our planet’s extinction will be shaped by that experience. Will it make them more generous were more selfish?

Lori m

I wonder if... the growth of silicon valley and the decreased cost of building a start up led to an increased hoarding of hunches

Lori M

I'm noticing that... That people are over complicating the vaccine passport question. When I grow up I just carried around the card everywhere I went especially when I have to travel to America. I still have the card.


I wonder if... A new alternative to college will emerge for privileged kids who don’t get into their top choice?

Lori m

I wonder if... Given the way our appearances and personalities can resemble one parent more than another and be different between children, I wonder if children who resemble opposite parents get along less well when their parents don’t like each other

Lori m

I wonder if... Researchers with social media followings choose sexy research topics over important ones?

Lori m

I wonder if... Biden gonna release another stimmy


I have a hunch that... if we rapidly translated high-quality new evidence from definitive, well-done studies into clinical guidelines, practice and policy, we could save countless years of suffering and millons of preventable deaths. So why don't we?

Karen Armitage