A hunch is an inkling, a sneaking suspicion about the future. It’s that thought you’ve been turning over in your mind, or that thing you saw while in line at the grocery store that made you say “huh.” 

When we share our hunches with others, amazing things can happen. They can evolve and get stronger as they are shaped by new information and input from others. Once a hunch is shared, it can  collide with the hunches of others to spark new insights and ideas. Learn more: Why Sharing Hunches Is Critical For You And Your Organization 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our Pioneer team is always on the lookout for cutting edge ideas that could help achieve health equity and build a Culture of Health. But we know that good ideas and profound insights most often start as inklings or hunches about something new or different or interesting. Inspired by Steven Johnson’s theory of where good ideas come from, we created this site to provide a space where anyone, anywhere can share their hunch, giving it the freedom to grow stronger, and one day maybe even become a world-changing idea.

  • Plainly put, setting your hunches free might be the best way they can make a difference. Some may fade and disappear, while others will change shape and grow stronger. They may collide with other hunches, or ride around for a while in someone else's mind before emerging as pioneering ideas to build a Culture of Health.

  • Rarely do ideas pop fully formed into our heads. Instead ideas emerge over time, often starting out as hunches about something that’s grabbed your interest, or something new or different. While an idea can be acted on -- built, created, executed -- a hunch  more often needs to ferment, connect with other hunches. A hunch is the start of an idea.

  • Once submitted, your hunch will appear on our site (unless, of course, it violates our terms and conditions found here). We’ll be checking the site regularly to include hunches we find here in “slow hunch jams” with our teammates at RWJF and with innovative thinkers around the country. Slow hunch jams are one tool we use to explore emerging trends and think about cutting edge ideas that could help us build a Culture of Health

  • We look at all the hunches as they come in. We often include hunches from this site in “slow hunch jams” with our teammates at RWJF and with innovative thinkers around the country. We may reach out to invite you to join a hunch jam, or to let you know if your hunch inspired our thinking.

  • Hunches can be used freely by anyone visiting the site. If you need a refresher, check out our Terms & Conditions. We’d love to hear if a hunch you found here inspired you - send us an email and let us know at hunches@rwjf.org.

  • Yes! We encourage you to share other people’s hunches--to get them out in the wild where they can collide with other hunches. We’ve tried to make that easy with social share buttons, but you can also rely on good old-fashioned cut and paste.

  • Using the stack function, you can select up to 20 hunches to appear side-by-side on a page. Just click the icon at the bottom of a hunch  to “add to your stack.” Have fun with it! Choose hunches all on one topic, or hunches that contradict each other, or a random selection--and see if your stack of hunches inspires a new hunch. You can create as many hunch stacks as you’d like -- but remember, you can’t save your stack to come back to later--it will only be available during your current website session.

  • We’re so glad your hunches collided! Send an email to hunches@rwjf.org telling us what hunch you’re interested in, and we’ll see if the author wants to get in touch.

  • You must submit a valid email address to use the Site and the email address must be your email address. We will use your email address to notify you that your hunch has been received and when your hunch is live on the site. Additionally, we may reach out to you to discuss your hunch or or to or tell you about other work we (or our partners) are involved with that we think might be of interest to you.   

  • We’re happy to take care of that for you. Send your hunch and the email address you used to submit the hunch to hunches@rwjf.org and we’ll make it disappear.

  • We occasionally host in-person or virtual slow hunch jams focused on a certain topic. When we do, we sometimes use this site to gather those hunches in a hunch room. Hunches that appear in a specific hunch room also appear on the home page and all hunches page. You are welcome to explore our hunch rooms -- and free to pursue those hunches!