All Hunches

I have a hunch that... the narratives and perceptions we have about the world are more impactful than reality


I have a hunch that... inflation was indeed transitory


I'm noticing that... kids do better in school when it doesn't start too early in the morning. No class should begin before 9am!

Martin Peck

I have a hunch that... the more reliant on social media we as a society have become, the more mentally unhealthy we will be. With everything and everyone at an arms length, it's easy to be exposed to trauma, as well as doubt your own sense of reality and self worth.


I have a feeling that... we don't need the majority of the things we own.


I have a feeling that... a (large) segment of progressive funders are merely becoming more adept at the language of justice and equity without actually practicing justice and equity.

I wonder if... dogs have four legs or two arms and two legs


I have a feeling that... the gender category we currently refer to as women will be marginalized even further than it currently is with the “help” of womyn.


I wonder if... virtual reality could give someone acquire "lived experience" artificially.

Lori M

I have a feeling that... the whole world should take August off completely to get their brains back in order

Jessica Clark

I have a hunch that... as global heating increases, city zoning bylaws will shift from emphasizing access to sunlight to emphasizing access to shade.

Bruce Haden

I have a hunch that... if we didn’t have problems in the world there would be almost no formal jobs, rather roles (eg. “Researcher,” “farmer”).

Jenna Sherman

I have a feeling that... We’re only hitting the tip of the iceberg with epigenetics right now

Jenna Sherman

I'm noticing that... I want fewer electronic reminders in my life

Jessica Clark

I have a hunch that... Things aren’t actually so much worse in the world but there are more chronic problems (eg climate change) plus the internet that makes our situation feel worse

Jenna Sherman

I have a hunch that... the metaverse will be another world where the same inequities that shape our current world will be replicated.

Maya Rockeymoore Ph.D.

I wonder if... more people are interested in space and sci-fi than ever now because of the woes of the realities we live in

Jenna Sherman

I have a feeling that... more stylish and lightweight forms of portable, modular shading structures will become commonplace as temperatures continue to soar...not just umbrellas or hats but pop-up huts, riggable canvas sails with pulleys, etc.

Jessica Clark

I have a hunch that... Puberty starting earlier in kids is about chemicals

Jenna Sherman

I'm noticing that... organizations I work with are moving to a four day work week. Some are giving everyone Fridays off, others are letting the employee pick the day.

lori melichar

I have a hunch that... dogs and cats are actually at least as smart as 7 or 8 year old humans, but they just don't get the schooling and don't have the speech or writing abilities to express it.


I have a hunch that... we should be teaching kids coding fundamentals when we teach them colors and shapes. A kid that can code becomes an adult that can pull themselves out of poverty.


I have a feeling that... More and more corporations are causing destruction of the natural world and cultivate protected environments for their own employees thus incentivizing more people to join them to cause more destruction


I have a feeling that... If we found a city/town--in the US--willing to fully ban cars there would be tons of people who would want to live there. I want to live somewhere car-free. I want to walk, bike, ebike, or tram. I want to visit the grocery on a whim. I would move there asap. I just need a place!

I'm noticing that... living a clutter free life is a luxury.

Lori M

I have a feeling that... House calls will be the cornerstone of future medicine. Focus on preventative care and staying home rather than patching up sick people at a hospital/institution.

Laura DesEnfants

I have a feeling that... the Great Resignation will impact how Gen Z / Alpha thinks about work


I wonder if... Beyonce's new song will inspire more people to quit their jobs


I wonder if... young people who negotiated relationships broadly in social media during pandemic will have better social skills IRL as adults than those that didn't.


I'm noticing that... less young people want to have kids. The lack of support structures and current conditions (mass shootings, climate change, rollback on LGBTQ+ protections) make it difficult to bring a child into the world.


I wonder if... WHAT is the next shortage (like baby formula) that we need to prepare for. I won’t post my hunch because I don’t want folks to hoard it!

Lori M

I wonder if... there exists a non profit bank

Lori M

I'm noticing that... in healthcare there are not many benefits for employee wellness after a person quits working for an organization. I’m worried about the healthcare workers that were so burned out that they no longer could work. I wonder if they are able to get help when they need it.

I have a feeling that... things in general are going to be very similar to pre-pandemic in most areas in two or three years from now


I wonder if... kids who were adolescents during their early part of the pandemic will grow up to be taller, because they got more sleep than other cohorts of kids for 6 to 12 months.

John Bravenec

I have a feeling that... toxic masculinity is directly caused by artificially raised testosterone levels in males using unregulated supplements.

Jon Craven

I'm noticing that... most people calling for an end to remote work have a financial interest in people being in expensive office buildings, and can't come up with reasons to return to office that pass a smell test.

I have a feeling that... the collective grief that we are processing will be healed by social media as much as physical connections as we come together to find solutions to what ails our society.


I wonder if... we could make progress in gun reform if citizens & legislators modeled gun safety after the regulations brought upon cigarette companies in addressing public health.


I have a feeling that... that there are going to be more all-analog communities where people can move, which ban cell phones and internet access

Jessica Clark

I wonder if... Chris Hayes and Michael Moore had an interesting conversation on MSNBC about approaching gun control the way smoking cessation was, but taking a lot of little bites at the apple. What if this would be a go around for combating all the 2a arguments?

Jill Cunningham

I have a feeling that... science will learn a lot from long COVID - it will come to pass that many illnesses are detrimental long term. In the future, we’ll take not getting sick much more seriously.


I have a hunch that... High earners will continue to insist on remote work, gutting the cash flow foundations of cities. Cities must refactor to focus on livability, crime, sanitation, and education to survive.

T. Jordan

I have a feeling that... another world crisis is gonna happen kinda like covid but different


I have a hunch that... If Roe V Wade is overturned a lot more men will be getting a vasectomy.


I'm noticing that... a lot of people are realizing their worth and how they want to be treated by others.

I have a feeling that... Amazon will have a monopoly over essential products.

I'm noticing that... the homeschooling community grew exponentially during the pandemic and many “covid-schoolers” are now choosing to continue indefinitely. I’m wondering what the impact of this will be on public education and how it could change the way we look at what education can look like.


I have a feeling that... most have cars because they feel they need one. Getting no other benefits nor enjoyment from the buying process, ownership, licensing, insurance, nor operation. Therefore the auto industry remains focused on creating a necessity for vehicular transport and blocks alternatives.

Daniel Lamblin

I have a hunch that... processing freeform input for aggregated ideas will be more easy to automate, yet prone to machine-unconscious-bias

Daniel Lamblin

I wonder if... a Secretary of Physical Activity will ever be a cabinet-level position in the U.S. We need one pronto, imo.


I have a feeling that... time travel is real

Charlotte Albert

I have a feeling that... COVID will never go away, I feel like everyone will do the masks until not required and then the numbers will just shoot right back up to where they were before. people aren't to smart

I'm noticing that... World population growth is not being factored into any global heating discussions.


I have a hunch that... Most people are much easier to manipulate than they think they are and bad decisions based on false information will become the worst political problem of the 21st century. Totalitarian strongmen will continue to gain power based on widely spread lies.


I have a feeling that... Many high school-aged people don't know a lot about what they want to do after high school and/or are overwhelmed with things they might have to do in the future.

I'm noticing that... all popular media platforms are just copying each other.


I have a hunch that... we'll find evidence of life outside of Earth in the next decade

Molly Pham

I have a feeling that... the future isn't going to be what we think because inevitable when people try to predict the future they are usually wrong

Noah Brody

I have a feeling that... things are going to get better.


I wonder if... Covid will ever go away. Will it just become the common cold? Honestly, everyone is so tired of it and at this point its such a drag.

Roman St. Gerard

I have a feeling that... whales and other porpids are the humans of the ocean. (air to porpids is the same thing as water to humans, we live in air but to survive we need to drink water, hence crossing into the world of the porpid, and the porpid lives in water but to survive needs air.)

Naji Love

I'm noticing that... more and more people are choosing to use bicycles and electric bicycles especially in the younger generations. It's just too expensive and difficult to use cars! Our cities need to keep up with this demand for bicycles by making protected bicycle lanes

I wonder if... folks hesitant to take community or political action would be less so if a system existed for finding out how many others were ready to commit similarly, or even better, if each individual could set threshold conditions of “safety in numbers” —which might cause a snowball effect.

Joel Pomerantz

I have a hunch that... as Global Warming raises temperatures, instead of solar covers on swimming pools to heat them up we will have reflective covers to cool them down


I wonder if... we can make not-for-profit profit marketplaces for things like food delivery, ride sharing, and services. The NFL once operated on a similar model.

Jason Lopez

I have a feeling that... "Public Health" will become a dirty word come 2023

Jason Lopez

I have a hunch that... The difference between cellular data & wifi will disappear

I have a hunch that... compulsory labeling will shift dramatically under political pressures generated by "free speech," (social media) initiatives.

Janis Froehlig

I have a hunch that... there will be rising unrest globally as the worst-off people in the world become increasingly desperate. At the moment it’s refugees from conflicts, soon it will become refugees from climate change, then the ‘economic refugees’ within highly inequitable societies.

I wonder if... we could lessen food waste & feed at-risk individuals by connecting restaurants, food delivery services and community centers using technology and existing philanthropies. Excess food could be delivered to community kitchens as ubereats/doordash, etc are making their paid runs.


I have a hunch that... the British monarchy will lose popular support when the current queen dies and there will be a broader call to abolish it


I have a feeling that... "poor penalties" will have a greater impact on more people, with bigger intergenerational consequences. Things like transaction fees, a la carte options, and costs that you can avoid if you have the time. If you screw up once, you will be targeted as reckless and penalized more.


I wonder if... Personal electric vehicle users will outnumber car users in cities.


I have a hunch that... A new political party (ie not Democrats or Republicans) will emerge to represent 20% or more of America within the next 10 years.

Nicholas Borelli

I have a feeling that... we've had it too good for too long and things are going to get much worse, because we're too soft to make things better for everyone.

David Healy

I'm noticing that... memes and what they do are becoming more relevant every day. i think that we should put a more serious eye on what the internet and large websites like youtube are doing to real life


I have a hunch that... The continued failure to prevent people from actually getting infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus will lead to long term, serious economic and social costs. We cannot afford to have 1/3 of our labor force disabled by long covid. We cannot afford to lose the brain power.


I have a hunch that... as production costs come down, electric vehicles will become something we update every 1-2 years, with monthly subscriptions that give access to charging points, maintenance and roadside service.


I have a feeling that... the Russian Ukranian war will continue much longer than any of us anticipate, lasting many years and evolving to include NATO members, therefore starting WWIII. Before this conflict ends, fueled by contagion amongst soldiers and refugees, another pandemic will sweep the world.


I have a hunch that... the increasing misery of air travel will cause people to reconsider train travel in the US and it will be more popular than it has been for decades.


I have a hunch that... Taiwan can help us distribute and develop more and better tools for democratic engagement!


I wonder if... the younger generation, who are constantly accused of being lazy and entitled, will demand change in regard to time off from work. Perhaps COVID/the Great Resignation/Amazon sites being unionized, etc., will lead to healthier practices and better employer expectations of staff.


I wonder if... We can expand participation in cooperative economics sectors to not only contend w private equity but actually topple the dominant paradigm of wealth concentration in favor of a broadly dominant democratic and more equitable frame that transforms policy and politics too.


I have a hunch that... if the Biden Administration forgives student loan debt, they'll do it pretty close to election day (I'm not sure if before or after)


I'm noticing that... the usually-full citibike racks in my neighborhood were empty today- the day after the tragic shooting on a subway in Brooklyn.

Lori M

I wonder if... 2 public health/safety issues in NYC could be solved together: greater police presence won’t stop subway violence, & homeless encampments are being cleared. What if the city gave housing to former encampment residents & trained the vets among them as new Guardian Angels?

I have a hunch that... bikes will get better (e-bikes! protected lanes!) while cars will get bigger and more dangerous (truck sizes! heavy batteries in EVs!). And this combination is going to speed up the rate of traffic fatalities that are already increasing

Maddy Augustine

I have a hunch that... Within a few decades, we'll use genetic engineering to domesticate exotic animals for pets and food. This will fund habitat protection so we can responsibly have pet tigers and eat panda steaks.

I have a hunch that... If corporate bailouts for the wealthy were eliminated and instead funneled into accessible services, affordable housing, rent assistance, paired with policies that limit move-in costs & qualifications, houselessness would be reduced and self-sufficiency increased.

Lindy Shelton

I wonder if... the Generational labels ('Boomers', 'X', 'Z'), born from mid-20th-C. demographic stabilization & individualism, and key metrics for who/what is 'average', will -- due to ongoing 21st-C. crises -- soon dissolve? And, in their demographic void, what new opportunities will emerge?

Andrew Butz

I'm noticing that... Quite a few non-denominational churches are popping up in Tulsa. The ones I am passing have their services in the afternoon or evening on Sundays. When I grew up, church service was always at 11 AM.

Lori M

I wonder if... universal health care, and universal day care would ease financial worries enough that more people would consider teaching, and fix the teacher shortage.

Amy Clayton

I'm noticing that... movies are getting longer. In the 90s, features were 100 minutes or so. Now, features are regularly 150 minutes. Is this accurate?

Ivan H

I have a hunch that... empathy, and its recent cultural shift from being perceived as a trait of weakness to now one of strength, means that as a society - we're getting there.

Kay W.

I have a hunch that... many will: buy e-bikes/e-trikes, use 3-wheel tuk tuks as nimble taxis, food delivery vehicles. Why? Some of us are waking up to the fact that we want to shop locally + connect with our community as the acute phase of the pandemic ends. To walk or bike to shops, not drive a car.

Anna, an ELF solar e-trike owner

I have a hunch that... if more teachers (and other mandated reporters) feel safe and supported in their workplaces to talk openly and in age-appropriate ways about their own experiences with abuse and assault, more kids will then be empowered to name and seek help for abuse they are experiencing.


I wonder if... rising housing and childcare/senior care costs will encourage more people to seek multi-generational housing/living situations and slowly put an end to the concept of the "nuclear family unit."

Stephanie L

I'm noticing that... people who already have cars and jobs are responding to rising gas prices by making a few minor behavior changes... but they don't recognize the parallel that expensive gas/cars is why poorer people have always needed safe sidewalks, transit, and bike lanes prioritized.

Dani S

I have a hunch that... rising gas prices will limit folks who have limited financial resources or transportation access from getting to healthcare appointments (higher cancellations and no-show rates). Telehealth may help mitigate this.

Martina Caldwell

I wonder if... the transfer/sharing of power from traditional white-led institutions to justice-based individuals and organizations can be done in ways that minimize push back and radicalized reactions

Kelly Brownell

I wonder if... High gas prices will derail the popularity/availability of ride sharing services, causing a surge in the use of public transportation

Jessica Clark

I'm noticing that... people are often afraid to feel vulnerable and that makes them take less risks in both thoughts and actions. I wonder how we can make ideas less risky?


I'm noticing that... The topics of Trauma and Food Systems are colliding with each other more frequently.


I'm noticing that... people around me are craving connection and relearning how to interact with each other...

I have a hunch that... NFTs will be seen as gauche by the end of 2022

Jessica Clark

I have a hunch that... we will be changing our framework of disaster response from one that involves "going to" the place where the disaster happens, to one where "we're experiencing the disaster" along with our communities. More need for collective trauma prep and response. Climate-related issue.

Laura Burney Nissen

I'm noticing that... More older people are coming out as nonbinary as a result of having time to consider their identities during the forced isolation of the pandemic

Jessica Clark

I wonder if... the future of work and the future of food need to collide around creating meals as part of the workday rather than what happens after you finally get home?


I have a feeling that... New forms of addiction and depression related to bitcoin speculation are on the rise

Jessica Clark

I'm noticing that... public education isn't providing what students want and need at the secondary level. Our teaching topics and styles are held over from industrial days and kids can tell. They want education that is current, relevant, and will help them go after their futures.

Cady Geer

I have a hunch that... Eventually the industrialised nations will realise that Africa and Africans have much more to offer the world than just raw materials.


I'm noticing that... We still have the 25% chicken tax… even worse, it applies to EVs! How do we remove the chicken tax from EVs so that we can all benefit from green trucks!


I have a feeling that... capitalism will fall.

Brandon Hill

I have a hunch that... In the future, larger populations will be needed to sustain the level of services and amenities that cities are currently providing for.

Mark Pemble

I'm noticing that... People with graduate-level degrees are not enrolling in Community Colleges to update their skills or learn something new.

Mark Pemble

I have a feeling that... Sales of electric vehicles will not jump due to higher gas prices.

Mark Pemble

I have a hunch that... North Americans will not pick up riding a bike to places as gas prices continue to increase.

Mark Pemble

I have a hunch that... universal basic income can solve, or at least begin to solve many problems in our communities. Buying power in people’s hands builds the economy up from people to corporations— a trickle up economy of sorts. Let’s eradicate abject poverty once and for all.


I'm noticing that... if you already have a graduate-level degree, it's very difficult to take specific one-off graduate-level university courses to update your skills or learn something new. Most universities require you to enroll in a degree program. Very frustrating.

Melinda Morang

I'm noticing that... All true success is long term, we need to start thinking that way.

James f

I'm noticing that... educational institutions adopted online instruction out of need, but are discontinuing it out of choice, even though potential non-traditional students (people who are disabled, incarcerated, lack resources, or hold multiple jobs) could have benefited from the opportunity.


I have a hunch that... kindness and empathy will always win.

Zachary York

I have a feeling that... this is more a dream than a hunch. I would like to see the decline of patriotism in cities in states, in countries, in ethnic groups, in religions, in sexes, and all other groups individuals cling to for inclusion, validation, righteousness.

BJ Moritz

I'm noticing that... more people are seeking care for new onset fear of shopping or leaving their homes

I have a hunch that... The future of private transport in cities is not centered around cars. COVID-19 forced a number of European cities to focus on building active transport infrastructure for local journeys within towns and cities. This will continue as cities see the associated health improvements.


I'm noticing that... the Russia/Ukraine war is causing us to talk more about oil & gas than about the green revolution.


I'm noticing that... younger generations are more willing to give up their privacy in ways that seem commonplace to them but would make older generations very uncomfortable -- like finding it weird if you don't share your location with them on "find my friends"


I'm noticing that... my friends and colleagues are having a hard time finding psychotherapists to help their kids. I'm noticing that almost all of my friends with kids have kids with anxiety.


I have a feeling that... the mental health of young people has taken a bigger hit from Covid than even experts have said


I'm noticing that... more and more people are being diagnosed with ADHD as adults


I have a feeling that... sales of electric vehicles (EVs) will jump due to rising gas costs.


I'm noticing that... more people in their 40s and 50s are having a midlife crisis in terms of their careers and thinking earnestly about career changes that do not prioritize income.

Roman Mars

I'm noticing that... lots of writers, podcasters, etc are talking about friendships


I'm noticing that... prizes used to be in the bottom of cereal boxes and now you have to send off for them

Arun G

I'm noticing that... It’s much harder to get a decaf coffee today than it was 10 years ago

Lori M

I have a hunch that... social media profiles will one day be very important historic documents in a variety of ways. Including how to get to know your ancestors long after they're dead.

I have a hunch that... observing your future worker chaperone/advocate for their kid at a museum would tell you a lot about how they will perform at work!

Lori M

I'm noticing that... low-income neighbors are visiting our Free Farmstand more often. More and more neighborhood gardeners are dropping off the extra produce they have from their gardens to share with others. We could help replicate this dynamic in other communities.

David Chandler

I have a hunch that... many Western nations, including the UK, will be even less prepared for the next pandemic than they were for the covid-19 pandemic.

Jess (Badgers)

I wonder if... "ecological economics" can ever replace our current method of evaluating GNP. Our natural resources are limited - when do we start considering the (ultimate) price of ever-upward growth of our industries, 401Ks?

c.h. noll

I wonder if... people are working from Disney? It seems quite possible to do email and calls while in line for hours .

Linus M

I wonder if... eDNA, the ability to capture bits of genetic material in the air and in rivers and ocean as markers for individual species, can detect humans and how it might be used to do so


I have a hunch that... democratic governments are losing power and that their future lies in a pay for what you need model.

I wonder if... with remote work becoming more common we might see a transition back to larger homes. I felt like there has been a downsizing movement. But, if parents are working remote full time along with kid and guest rooms, potentially the need for 2 extra office rooms are needed.

A. Nisiobincki

I have a feeling that... as automation increases, we’re not going to see the sense of letting the wealthy people own all the sources of wealth production. We’re gonna end up sharing earth’s resources equitably Whether or not comfortable affluent liberals call us uncivil.

Michael Hitchcock

I'm noticing that... artists and journalists are talking about first sleep and second sleep.

Larry M

I'm noticing that... people enjoy focusing on the process of having a baby (surrogacy, baby bumps, gender reveals, baby showers) but not on the task of raising a well rounded, resilient, thoughtful person.


I'm noticing that... modern society is too complicated to function under the same system of government designed over 200 years ago. Tech & social media are dramatically accelerating differences in life experience between generations, but large cultural shifts usually require multiple gens to stick.


I have a feeling that... retail and service businesses will continue to have trouble finding workers. Increasing wages will provide some relief but many will offer more benefits. But, the benefits will have a lot of rules around eligibility that will make them difficult to actually use.

I have a feeling that... the middle class will end with this generation. The inability for the average 30 year old to buy a house will destroy generational wealth. This will push critical jobs put of large population centers (i.e. teachers in LA) and will cause huge harm to our well being as a country.

Phillip Viviano

I have a hunch that... more and more things will be made of compostable materials. Most trash will become compostable. We won't need garbage or recycling bins, only a compost bin. The compost will be used to create a (literally) greener way of living.


I have a hunch that... the future of democracy will depend on our ability to build participatory structures of governance. In Oakland, the organization Community Democracy Project is working on a participatory budgeting charter amendment!

Emily Peterson

I have a hunch that... anti-work content on social media will create an anti-late stage capitalism movement. Workers will take control over their time management as employers will have no choice but to resign to the new paradigm shift.


I have a feeling that... all media created in collaboration will need internal credit and acknowledgment built-in. Like in music, you have royalty splits to contributing artists on a track, people are going to demand more fairness for individual contributions. Digital media only makes this more apparent.


I wonder if... our diminished ability to imagine the future (from the effect of foreshortened thinking as a symptom of trauma) will be a differentiator in the hiring market as we move through the pandemic.


I wonder if... the prolific use of emojis is making us more sloppy, imprecise and careless about how we express our emotions, and who we express them to. When I don’t have to think about the words I'm using, maybe I'm not doing the work I need to do to think about how and what I'm communicating.


I have a feeling that... recent discussions on censuring vs. curating might lead to more discussions on how to engage people of different opinions and sometimes controversial opinions.

Sharon Roerty

I have a hunch that... effects of AI development will be devastating for the middle class. As the richest and most efficient companies outperform others thanks to their AI technologies, wealth gap between rich and middle class will grow more and more


I'm noticing that... people are driving loudly, angrily, and fast.


I have a hunch that... the federal government will need to introduce an alternative to Social Security numbers in the next few years, but then that alternative will be too frequently hacked in the next few years after that.


I have a feeling that... the metaverse will develop different 'worlds,' good and bad, and increase the complexity of our society


I have a hunch that... the metaverse will be an evolution of the RW shopping mall -- both in terms of marketplace but also in terms of the social activity of 'shopping'


I'm noticing that... the metaverse is developing as a commercial space first and social space second


I wonder if... Wordle will help usher in a new kind of collective consciousness as millions of people coalesce around a single word each day. The first time I played, the word was SOLAR. I wondered if maybe, just maybe, it would be a big commercial for Solar energy and we’d save the world.


I have a hunch that... different states in the US will continue to diverge when it comes to basic rights and the notion of federalism and state sovereignty will become more of a hallmark of political progressives

Roman Mars

I wonder if... Playing devil’s advocate (sharing an alternative point of view the you don’t agree with in order to open up a discussion) could be considered to be sharing #misinformation?

Lucy M

I'm noticing that... Gen Z people like subtitles for English media more than Gen X do.

Lowery M

I'm noticing that... A lot of people are (once again) talking about LOVE being the answer. But I don’t see love-promoting public or organizational policies being discussed

Lucy M

I wonder if... Telling stories about your past that your younger self would not have wanted you to tell can be considered gossiping? Credit PT for the ? That led to this hunch.

Lori M

I'm noticing that... More people are talking about zodiac and Chinese “signs” than they used to.


I wonder if... Organizations that have truly committed to doing equity work will lose people who are not. I wonder if those folks will go work at companies not devoted to equity work and whether that will solidify bubbles?

Larry M

I'm noticing that... more and more adult patients have transportation barriers, social support limitations in accessing primary care doctors visits. I think care delivery of the past should be re-visited! how can we bring primary care services into their home?!

Toni Heer

I wonder if... ❤️ emojis have made us more comfortable expressing and-receiving-loving feelings. We use them to say we love everything & anything but might our constant interaction w/ them also be softening our resistance to radically loving ourselves & each other?


I'm noticing that... More people are talking about “ambiguous loss” lately.

Lori M

I wonder if... Diversity of lived experiences has increased in fraternities and sororities over the past few years?

Lori M

I have a hunch that... the metaverse will be the new internet. It will shape how we work, interact, buy/sell product and services, and share information.

Dwayne C.

I wonder if... we decolonize philanthropy our work will have even greater impact on society.

Jennie D-B

I have a feeling that... coordinating with other funders on economic inclusion could help lift up narratives that haven't gained traction previously, and have been possibly assumed to be ineffective... let's scale!

Mike White

I have a feeling that... Individuals and their employers will use a different set of considerations as they decide whether or not to take a business trip.

Monica HV

I wonder if... Parents who don’t try to make their children happy are better or worse parents

Lori M

I'm noticing that... It feels really good to be told you asked a “good question”

Lori M

I'm noticing that... I see colors where others see gray —literally.

Lori M